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A Cast Member holding wires and equipment talks to 2 Disney Imagination Campus students
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Want to know more about this immersive educational experience for your student or youth group?

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Want to know more about this immersive educational experience for your student or youth group?

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Storytelling is at the very heart of everything we do at Disney. Wherever you are in our theme parks and Resorts, you’re immersed in our stories. At this illuminating workshop, learn about the major role technology has played in enabling us to tell those stories in new and exciting ways.

Bring Magical Stories to Life through Science and Technology

What would you get if you took a science field trip to Disney Parks?

You’d get a technology workshop, an engineering workshop and a STEM workshop all rolled into one! In the unique Technology of Disney Parks Workshop, students will learn how Disney stories are central to everything in Disney Parks—and that to tell those stories through attractions, themed-lands and delightful experiences, we need innovative technology. Specifically, we use arts and entertainment technology that is deeply rooted in science.

Students will get an inside look at how Disney Imagineers dream, design and use technology and engineering to immerse Guests in our stories. From Audio-Animatronics to light and sound effects and more, students will learn why technology is the most valuable as well as the most challenging tool used in theme park operations every day.

Key Learning Objectives

After completing the Technology of Disney Parks Workshop, students will be able to:

  • Describe Walt Disney’s contributions to the creation and progress of technology in Disney Parks’ attractions and experiences
  • Define the difference between hydraulics and pneumatics—and explain the benefits of each
  • Understand the emotional impact sound and light can have in an attraction
  • Gain knowledge of the history and evolution of theme park technologies
  • Explore the versatility of a specific technology by seeing how it’s used in vastly different ways
  • Explain how acoustical engineering applies to the design of spaces

Additional Information

Please Note: The curriculum and requirements are subject to change. Please see your Disney representative for questions

  • Both Technology of Disney Parks Workshops—in Florida and California—are available for students in middle school, high school and college.
  • A minimum of 15 students is required per organized group to participate in this experience

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