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A teen boy and girl wearing masks stand at the back of a group watching Storm Troopers in Star Wars Rise of the Resistance attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
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Storytelling is at the very heart of everything we do at Disney. Wherever you are in our theme parks and resorts, you are immersed in our stories. And technology has played a major role in how we are able tell those stories.

Workshop Overview

Central to each attraction and themed land within Disney Parks is a story, and through innovative technology, we are able to tell those stories in new and exciting ways. In this engaging, interactive course, students will work in groups while getting an inside look at how our Disney Imagineers dream, design, and use technology to enhance the Guest experience by immersing them in our stories. From audio-animatronics to light and sound effects, students will learn why technology is the most valuable and most challenging tool to integrate into daily theme park operations.

After completing this workshop...

Students will be able to:

  • Describe Walt Disney’s contributions to progress and utilization of technology in theme park experiences
  • Define the difference between hydraulics and pneumatics, and explain the benefits of each
  • Understand how sound and light can impact the emotions in a given experience
  • Gain knowledge of the history and progression of theme park technologies
  • Experience the versatility of specific technology being used in very different ways
  • Articulate how acoustical engineering applies to the design of our spaces

Additional Information

  • Available for Grade 4, Middle School, High School and College students