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Disney Imagination Campus students examine hand drawn maps outside of Cinderella Castle
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Discover how Disney Imagineers marry imaginative vision with large-scale functionality to bring classic stories to life in theme park design.

Workshop Overview

Get an inside look at Disney’s unique design approach. In this course, participants will learn what makes a theme park tick. Learn the concepts, philosophy and tools necessary to design a working theme park. From visual design elements to practical considerations like Guest flow and maintenance, students will come away with a holistic understanding of how form and function come together to make the seemingly impossible… possible.

Key Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand creative problem solving, critical thinking and career-based discussions that apply to the world of design and beyond
  • Identify specific theme park elements and analyze how Disney Imagineers designed them with intent and purpose
  • Explain ways that Disney Imagineers utilize storytelling as the central focus in theme park design
  • Summarize the value and importance of diversity in the collaborative design process
  • Model and construct a range of functional and exciting Guest experiences
  • Determine how the convergence of creative and technical roles are necessary to design a theme park
  • Hypothesize and investigate the unique functional challenges of designing a theme park

Additional Information

  • The program at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is available for students in high school and college. Can be adapted for middle school*
  • The program at Disneyland Resort in California is available for students in middle school and high school. However, the program can be adapted for students in 3rd through 5th grades*
  • Recommended for high school and college students
  • Content can be adapted for middle school students
  • Minimum of 15 students required per organized group to participate in this experience

*Subject to change. Please see your Disney representative for questions.

Pricing Information

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