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A Cast Member cheers on a group of 5 Disney Imagination Campus students
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Want to know more about this immersive educational experience for your student or youth group?

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Want to know more about this immersive educational experience for your student or youth group?

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Teamwork is the cornerstone of how we achieve success at Disney. To help students discover the value of team building, we offer teamwork workshops that teach collaboration skills.

Teamwork – The Disney Way

How does Disney continually provide our Guests with the services and products they expect? Cast Members working together towards a common goal is the key to our success. This spirit of shared vision, collaboration and teamwork can be observed throughout The Walt Disney Company and in every aspect of our Disney theme parks—with Cast Members creating magic for our Guests every day.

In Disney Imagination Campus’ collaborative classroom filled with team-building activities, students will learn the Disney philosophy and strategies behind our high-performing teams. They’ll experience firsthand how collaboration and communication skills can enable any team to overcome obstacles and achieve their ultimate goals.

Key Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use their newly acquired collaboration skills
  • Explore the attributes that make teams highly effective
  • Engage in team building
  • Examine their personal strengths and how to apply them in a team setting
  • Discover how diversity of thought strengthens a team
  • Understand the need to support and build on the contributions of team members
  • Learn the value of communication, trust and compromise in a team setting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of shared responsibility

Please Note:

  • The Youth Teamwork-Training Workshop is available for middle school, high school and college students.
  • There’s a minimum of 15 students required per organized group to participate in this youth teamwork-training educational workshop.

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