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A Cast Member wearing a mask and a badge that reads ‘Ningjie’ shows an origami design to another woman wearing a mask in front of a building at the China Pavilion at Epcot
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Explore how Disney Imagineers engage all 5 senses to create immersive environments that support the living stories of our theme parks.

Workshop Overview

At Disney, everyone is a storyteller. In this revealing course, students will get an inside look at how Disney Imagineers create immersive environments that support the living stories of our theme parks. Through this journey they’ll discover how a wide range of disciplines––from live performances and music to sculptures and culinary arts––all come together to bring stories to life inside the Disney Theme Parks.

Key Learning Opportunities

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Investigate how storytelling at Disney Parks utilizes all 5 senses
  • Engage in hands-on design experiences similar to Disney Imagineers’ early design processes
  • Identify examples of storytelling in unlikely, non-traditional ways
  • Explore our theme parks with a new lens and identify varying levels of detail
  • Investigate elements of story and recognize how the same concepts can be used in different ways
  • Identify and explore the different creative and technical roles that come together to create an immersive experience
  • Learn the importance of collaboration and teamwork in crafting a good story for a diverse audience

Additional information

  • Available for middle school, high school and college students
  • Content can be adapted for students in grades 3 through 5
  • Minimum of 15 students required per organized group to participate in this experience

Pricing Information