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Want to know more about this immersive educational experience for your student or youth group?

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Want to know more about this immersive educational experience for your student or youth group?

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Explore how Disney Imagineers engage in immersive storytelling to bring Disney stories to life—creating magical environments throughout all the Disney theme parks.

What Is Immersive Storytelling?

At Disney, everyone is a storyteller. Immersive storytelling is what happens when Disney Imagineers create the environment of the stories they tell—making the stories magically come alive!

Disney Imagineers begin by using sensory storytelling, which breathes life into Disney stories by featuring elements that appeal to the 5 senses. Then, they employ a wide range of disciplines to express their stories, bringing technology together with other fields—including the design of attractions, culinary arts, live performances, music, sculptures and more. The result is immersive storytelling—a fully realized experience that Guests can be immersed in.

In the Immersive Storytelling Workshop, the secrets of this special creative storytelling practice are revealed. Students will get an inside look at how Disney Imagineers envision environments that provide the backdrop and create the magic for the immersive Disney stories that live across the Disney parks.

Key Learning Objectives

After completing the Immersive Storytelling Workshop, students will be able to:

  • Investigate how storytelling at the Disney parks employs all 5 senses
  • Learn about Disney Imagineers’ early design processes and engage in similar, hands-on design experiences
  • Uncover examples of storytelling that tell stories in innovative, nontraditional ways
  • Explore our theme parks with a new lens and perceive multiple levels of detail
  • Learn about the elements of a story and discover how the same concepts can be used in different ways
  • Understand the different creative and technical roles that come together to create an immersive experience
  • Know firsthand the importance of collaboration and teamwork in crafting a good story for a diverse audience

Additional information

  • The Immersive Storytelling Workshop – Arts & Humanities at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Immersive Storytelling Workshop – Arts & Humanities at the Disneyland Resort in California are available for students in middle school and high school. However, the course can be adapted for students in 4th and 5th grades*
  • A minimum of 15 students is required per organized group to participate in one of these storytelling workshops.
  • *Subject to change. Please see your Disney representative for questions.

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