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3 teenagers marveling at goo created from a chemistry experiment
This program requires registration before ticket package purchase.

Gain a greater understanding of modern chemistry and its practical application through observations and hands-on experiments within Epcot.

For groups of 10 or more.

  • Walt Disney World, Florida
  • Year-Round

Program Overview

What is chemistry? Many of us envision beakers, burners, lab coats, symbols, charts, molecular compounds, complex equations and mysterious secret formulas… but chemistry isn't limited to a lab! It's happening all around us, all the time!

In Everyday Chemistry, science is demystified as participants discover that everything they hear, see, smell, taste and touch involves chemistry and chemicals. Students from 4th through 9th grades will come to understand that chemistry is the science of change and it’s the job of chemists to predict and explain how matter interacts to form the new substances that we come into contact with every day.

Learning Objectives

After completing Everyday Chemistry, participants will be able to:

  • Define “chemistry” and “photosynthesis”
  • Illustrate the role of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in sources of energy
  • Demonstrate how elements can be manipulated to create synthetic substitutes and are the building blocks of everything
  • Explain 2 types of polymers:
    • natural polymers
    • synthetic polymers
  • Create an elastomer
  • Recognize The Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Identify carbon, hydrogen and oxygen elements on The Periodic Table of Elements
  • Build a model of a water molecule, a glucose molecule and a linear polymer
  • Articulate and demonstrate the benefits of chemistry

All programs subject to availability. Program content, times, attractions and locations subject to change due to inclement weather, availability or group dynamics. Students must meet minimum age/grade requirements.

National Core Standards

Disney Youth Education Series fulfill many of the National Core Standards. Review the standards explored through this experience.


Plan Your Trip

Park Location: Epcot®
Program Length: 3 hours 
Program Grade Range: Grades 4 - 9

Below are 6 easy steps for planning your Disney Youth Education Series visit to Walt Disney World® Resort.

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Additional Guests

Additional Guests are the perfect way to share the wonder and magic of your Walt Disney World Resort visit. Students, friends and family can each enjoy their own special kind of Disney fun with the same great value-priced Disney Youth Education Series ticket packages!* The number of Group Leaders and additional Guests (i.e. chaperones, parents, siblings, etc.) may not exceed the number of students.

Please note: The Disney Youth Education Series Additional Guest ticket package does not include participation in the Disney Youth Education Series program.

Additional Information

Disney Youth Representatives can guide you in choosing the programs that best suit your group, plan your food and beverage options and book your Disney Resort accommodations at special group rates.

*A minimum of 10 students is required and a maximum of one (1) adult may attend the program per ever five (5) students. A minimum of 1 adult per 15 students must attend the program.

Theme park admission is required and all participants must purchase a Disney Youth Education Series ticket package to attend any Disney Youth Education Series program. Use of an admission ticket is required for entrance into the park on the date of your program. Tickets are valid for 7 days prior to your arrival date and after departure date. Annual Passes, complimentary admission and regular front-gate admission cannot be applied to the cost of a program.

All programs subject to availability. Program content, times, attractions and locations subject to change due to inclement weather, availability or group dynamics. Students must meet minimum age/grade requirements.


Use the downloadable materials below to share the objective and key learning points of this program with other teachers, administrators and parents. Also, refer to these materials for support in writing grant applications.

Download the Program Description Sheet

The program description sheet provides an overview of the experience and the key learning points of the program.

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