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The back of a woman with long hair wearing a Minnie Mouse ear headband with swirls, stands in front of Spaceship Earth at Epcot
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Learn the art of storytelling from a true master — Walt Disney! When Walt was first forming the foundations for what would become his first theme park, Disneyland Park, he understood the role storytelling would play in immersing Guests in this imaginative new world! And now, decades later, storytelling remains at the heart of all Disney theme parks.

Workshop Overview

In this revealing course, participants will get an inside look at the role storytelling plays in the creation of all Disney Theme Park experiences. Students will experience Disney history, from Walt to our present-day artists, exploring how the storytelling skills they developed bring our theme parks to life through design, painting, copy writing, costuming, sculpting, engineering and more. Students will also examine how modern storytellers are bringing their visions to life weaving innovative techniques and various complex components that synergize across various mediums to tell their story.

Key Learning Opportunities

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explore their own storytelling skills by planning and designing their own storyboards
  • Understand how immersive storytelling utilizes all of the human senses
  • Knowledge of traditional art mediums and techniques and their role in storytelling
  • Identify examples of storytelling in unlikely, non-traditional ways
  • Appreciate Walt Disney’s contributions in the field of animation and how that translated to theme park experiences

Additional Information

  • Recommended for High School and College students
  • Content can be adapted for Middle School students
  • Minimum of 15 students required per organized group to participate in this experience

Pricing Information

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