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Preparing our Leaders of Tomorrow Through our Student Leaders of Today

The Disney Imagination Campus team
by The Disney Imagination Campus team

Resourcefulness. Communication. Problem Solving.

These are just a few of the skills that are necessary to be successful in today’s globalized, fast-paced world. How are you preparing your student leaders so that they are ready to face these challenges?

Education isn’t just about learning facts and knowledge, it’s also about personal development and relationship building – it means educating the whole person. Students aren’t just learning a skill –  they are learning how to be flexible and work as a team to use critical thinking to discover solutions to new problems.

It’s about discovering how to be a lifelong learner.

Teachers in the 21st century are given the difficult task of helping students develop these social and emotional skills that can help them grow into learners who are adept at facing any challenge thrown to them.

In fact, these are skills that employers are looking for in today’s career landscape.

Employers seek workers who provide diversity of thought, culture and experience – individuals who are skilled at multitasking and prioritizing projects and time.

Will your students be prepared not just with the knowledge to succeed, but also with the “soft skills” that so many hiring managers are looking for?

How to Prepare Your Students to Be Lifelong Learners

The beginning of the school year is the best time to prepare your student leaders and ground them with the leadership skills they can continue to hone over the course of the school year.

Planning activities early in the year will set the stage for your students and expose them to the skills you want them to develop and practice in their positions of leadership at school.

Your student government leaders, sports captains, National Honor Society and other club executive boards are only some of the students that would most benefit from a beginning of the school year teamwork or leadership workshop.

There is no better way to set your students up for success to realize their potential in their positions of leadership while also challenging them to use what they learn to serve others and positively impact the world around them.

In the Disney Imagination Campus Workshop “Leadership the Disney Way,” students are challenged through a variety of experiences focused on effective communication and critical thinking. Through hands-on learning and problem-solving scenarios, students will experience real-world application of leadership principles as they interact with real Disney leaders who provide insights that students will bring back to apply in their school and classroom.

In the Disney Imagination Campus Workshop “Teamwork the Disney Way,” students will experience firsthand how collaboration and openness enable teams to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal. They’ll come to understand the value of communication, trust and compromise in a team setting as well as examine their own personal strengths and how they can best apply them in a team setting. These are all important skills that will be brought back to their roles at school AND serve the students well for their future careers.

Picture your school’s student executive board working with Disney Leaders to discuss what it means to be a leader and how to make sure that everyone in a group feels valued and heard.

Or, imagine your school’s sports captains participating in a workshop on teamwork that they can use to boost their team’s comradery, communication and trust during the season.

These opportunities give students the chance to address real-world challenges that prepare them to be well-equipped to take what they learn and apply it in innovative ways to scenarios in their school and community.

Try planning opportunities like these in August-October to equip your students with the skills they need to be successful not only in their leadership role during the school year, but also for their personal and professional lives.

Want to learn more? Check out the Leadership and Innovation workshops at our East Campus in Walt Disney World and our West Campus in Disneyland Resort for a discovery of real-world application of leadership, teamwork and innovation at our popular Parks and Resorts. Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay up to date on all things Disney Imagination Campus and explore all our academic workshops to see how we inspire imagination-powered learning.


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