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A Career in Performing Arts: The Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland® Resort

The Disney Imagination Campus team
by The Disney Imagination Campus team

Welcome, aspiring performers and dreamers! Get ready to be swept away on a captivating journey alongside Imani as she unveils her experience at the Disneyland® Resort. Delve into the mesmerizing highlights of the Magic Happens Parade, a spectacular showcase that seamlessly weaves the beauty of performing arts with the magical moments that define our beloved Disney stories.

Imani, a performer from the Magic Happens Parade, has had a passion for the performing arts since a young age, igniting her love for dance when she started taking combination classes at the age of five. Through exploring various styles such as tap, ballet, and contemporary dance, her passion flourished, propelling her to become a member of a renowned dance studio where she dedicated herself to training every day.

During high school, Imani made the decision to transfer to a performing arts school, enabling her to dedicate more time to honing her craft in dance. This pivotal step allowed her to pursue an education that centered around performing arts, leading her to realize her aspirations for a career in the field.

Reflecting on her journey, Imani shared, "From the moment I stepped on stage, to the moment I started performing, I knew that was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Imani began her Disney journey eight years ago when she stumbled upon an audition at the Disneyland® Resort. After successfully navigating the audition process, she made her debut in the Christmas Fantasy Parade. From that point on, she continued to progress, taking on various roles in different parades.

Today, Imani performs in the Magic Happens Parade as an entourage member. Wearing their vibrant blue and purple costume, members of the entourage welcome Guests of the Disneyland® Resort into a whimsical world. As the vibrant floats make their way down Main Street, U.S.A., the Magic Happens Parade captivates audiences with its lively and energetic choreography.

The parade showcases a diverse range of dance styles, leaving guests in awe of the performer's skill and precision. Talented dancers bring Disney's beloved characters to life, moving in perfect harmony to a high-energy contemporary musical score that puts a spin on classic Disney hits. 

When asked about her experience, Imani enthusiastically expressed, "The choreography is my absolute favorite part of performing in Magic Happens. It's incredibly well-crafted, intense, and intricately designed." 

For Students who aspire to follow in Imani's footsteps and pursue a career in the performing arts, she offers a valuable piece of advice: "Just do it. Society often makes people believe that reaching such goals is unattainable due to the highly competitive and saturated nature of the industry. However, with hard work and a steadfast pursuit of your passions, you can absolutely achieve your dreams."

The Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland Resort is a celebration of the transformative power of performing arts, where dreams are realized, and enchantment flourishes. Immerse yourself in the wonder and let the power of performing arts ignite your imagination at the Disneyland® Resort! 

Interested in learning more about Disney Imagination Campus Performing Arts? Check out our workshops, where your students can learn theater, vocal, music, and dance techniques from a Disney teaching artist. And, be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter for the latest news and updates!

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