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Insider's Guide to Disney Education Programs - College Edition

by The Disney Youth Programs team

Disney Education Programs – College Edition experiences are the newest way to make our parks your classroom. These unique programs allow college students to collaborate, learn and explore Disney Parks through immersive, hands-on opportunities, Disney style.

From discovering teamwork techniques through exploratory sessions with Disney Leaders to learning about the people, processes and philosophies behind world-class hospitality operations, there is a program for students in every major.

Here’s a look at our latest experiences for college students with Disney Education Programs – College Edition:

Techniques of Teamwork – Disney Style: Epcot is the perfect backdrop for an exploratory experience that empowers students through teamwork and communication strategies. During a Q&A session with a Disney leader, students will be able to articulate the advantages of effective strategic planning and learn the importance of individual accountability through a strategic challenge.

Leadership Strategies – Disney Style: Utilizing problem solving, decision making and leadership skills throughout Epcot, students gain the skills to become the business leaders of tomorrow by identifying traits and behaviors that are implemented by Cast Members across Walt Disney World Resort.

Culture of Excellence – Disney Style: Throughout Magic Kingdom Park, students can uncover the key elements of Disney’s formula for success and how a purposefully created culture leads to achievements in the workplace. By articulating four essential Disney cultural elements, they will be able to examine the culture of their college and identify how to apply those learnings. Participation in another program a pre-requisite for this program.

Design Thinking – Disney Style: In this 90-minute add-on program, students can gain insights into a leader’s role by discussing challenges they have back at school and finding solutions through this highly experiential program. Learning the Disney way of creative discontent and how it spurs our creative process along with discussing four critical environmental elements that help a team thrive will inspire them to make change.

New for 2019 Hospitality – Disney Style: Beginning in early 2019, students can explore a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel first-hand and observe how people, processes and philosophies benefit multiple aspects of a business, the Disney way. Students will be able to learn how to create memorable Guest experiences, introduce effective training and combine theming with top-notch amenities to encourage return visits.

Each program lasts approximately three-hours and can be booked together or separately with the exception of Design Thinking – Disney Style and Culture of Excellence – Disney Style which must be booked in conjunction with another program.

Disney Education Programs – College Edition experiences are available for groups of 10 or more with students ages 18 and up, enrolled college undergraduate or in graduate school. Give us a call at 1-866-842-3340 or click here to register your group today!

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