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Enroll Your Students in a Leadership Track with Disney Youth Education Series

The Disney Imagination Campus team
by The Disney Imagination Campus team

Our mission with Disney Youth Education Series is to provide a holistic student experience and develop curriculum that is relevant and viable in an ever-changing world. As a result, we’ve created a Leadership Track that will help students gain some essential personal and professional skills, a.k.a. “soft skills” needed to prepare them for the future.

The Leadership Track consists of four program experiences that can be taken in any order: Disney Leadership Strategies, Managing Your Personal Brand, Fundamentals of Hospitality, and Techniques of Teamwork. Learn more about each program below:

Disney Leadership Strategies

Students will examine the relationship between good leadership and successful business strategies. Participants will discover the value of communication, training and empowerment and their relationship to performance excellence. Furthermore, students will explore the connection between business results and an environment that fosters performance excellence.

Click here to register for Disney Leadership Strategies. 

Managing Your Personal Brand

Through insightful discussion and engaging activities, students will become more self-aware and come to realize that they already hold the power to form positive impressions, develop valuable skills and forge relationships that can help them obtain their dreams. This power lies in the choices they make, and in the thoughtful management of their personal brand. 

Click here to register for Managing Your Personal Brand.

Fundamentals of Hospitality

In this field study, students dive into Walt Disney’s ideas of hospitality where they discover how a purposefully created culture contributes to lifelong memories and service excellence. Participants will learn about the benefits of training, the relevance of Guests’ intent to return, and the importance of the arrival experience. 

Click here to register for Fundamentals of Hospitality.

Techniques of Teamwork

Students will examine elements and strategies that enable Disney Cast Members to function as a high-performing team. Participants will begin to build a foundation of trust through discussions and hands-on activities showcasing the benefit of cooperation, the relevance of establishing consensus, the importance of a supportive environment, and the value of diversity. Students will discover how the application of teamwork techniques and principles can lead to future success.

Click here to register for Techniques of Teamwork.

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