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New Leadership Workshop for Student Groups at Disney Parks

The Disney Imagination Campus team
by The Disney Imagination Campus team

Discover how your students can learn leadership skills by attending a Disney Imagination Campus Leadership Assembly Program at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort!

Previously only offered at Disneyland Resort in California, the Leadership Assembly Program will now be available at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida beginning in January 2024!

Disney Imagination Campus workshops offer a surplus of useful tools which benefit students, and we want to ensure that we are able to accommodate as many students as possible. The Leadership Assembly Program allows Disney Imagination Campus to accommodate large student groups of 65-175 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and groups of 100-300 at Disneyland Resort in California – who all want to participate in a learning experience at the same time.

Appropriate for middle school, high school, and college students, this incredible program will give your students the opportunity to learn from real Disney Cast Members on what being a successful leader looks like, and how to become one. They will do this by applying Disney leadership principles to their own lives, embracing problem-solving skills needed to create solutions within the Walt Disney Company, and discovering the importance of positive communication and effective listening. Additionally, they will work to understand their own personal skills and leadership style, explore the role of a leader within them, and much more that will strengthen their leadership skills.

Through this hands-on approach, students will be encouraged to apply Disney leadership methodologies to their own lives, cultivating an environment that fosters inclusiveness, innovation, creativity and teamwork. Moreover, the emphasis on problem-solving will teach them how to deal with real-world issues, encouraging them to think critically to develop solutions.

This program also recognizes the importance of communication concerning leadership. Students will delve into the significance of positive communication as well as the art of active listening which are traits of successful leaders in any field. By honing these vital interpersonal skills, your students will be well-equipped to engage with diverse teams and promote a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Students in both our Leadership Assembly program and Leadership the Disney Way workshop both get a chance to speak with a Disney salaried leader. Students can ask questions and learn how leadership and teamwork comes to play in our theme parks and resorts.

Your students have special gifts and talents that they have yet to discover. This program aims to inspire your students to discover and understand their unique skill sets and leadership style. Students who participate in this experience will also engage in self-reflection of their personal attributes which will enable them to cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness and confidence which will serve them as a solid foundation in their future endeavors.

If you are interested in bringing your group to participate, or if you have any questions concerning this workshop or any of our other offerings, please Connect with Us, or contact your Imagination Campus Sales Manager for more information.

Smaller student groups of at least 15 or more can check out our workshops in Arts & Humanities, Science & Technology, Leadership & Innovation and Performing Arts at our East Campus in Walt Disney World Resort and our West Campus in Disneyland Resort for a discovery of real-world application of these concepts in our popular parks and resorts.

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