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9 Disney Field Trip Tips from a Music Educator and Current Disney Cast Member

The Disney Imagination Campus team
by The Disney Imagination Campus team

Embarking on a youth field trip to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort can be an exciting and memorable experience – but there’s also a lot to think about before you depart. We spoke with a seasoned 12-year music educator from Virginia, and current Disney Imagination Campus Cast Member, who shared some valuable insights on pre-trip planning tips for youth groups traveling to Disney parks. Check them out!

1. Personalize Tickets for Easy Identification

Before the trip begins, be sure to write each student's first name on their ticket in permanent marker. This simple, yet effective tip ensures that each student’s ticket is easily identifiable and can be distributed efficiently when entering the theme parks. Just be sure to avoid any coding on the back of the tickets as this is necessary for park entry.

2. Avoid Lost Ticket Fiascos with Photo Documentation

To avoid the hassle of lost tickets, take a picture of the identification numbers and barcode on each student's ticket. This digital backup will provide a quick solution in case there is a need for replacement and offers peace of mind in the event of unforeseen mishaps. Visit Guest Relations and show them your digital backup and they will be able to assist you in the case of a lost ticket.

3. Review Park Hours:

Being aware of park hours is essential for effective trip planning. Before traveling, be sure to review park hours to be able to coordinate activities accordingly.   

4. Secure Theme Park Reservations

Keep in mind that theme park reservations are still required when purchasing Disney Imagination Campus tickets. To ensure that there is availability for your park(s) of choice, be sure to make your park reservations ahead of your trip. Don’t want to make park reservations on your own? We offer an optional service to assist in booking park reservations for your group.   

5. Download the MyDisneyExperience App or the Disneyland App

Students 13 years or older can make use of the MyDisneyExperence app or the Disneyland app on their cell phones. This will allow students to access real-time information on park maps, wait times and more during their visit.

6. Pre-Trip Meeting with Parents

Hosting a pre-trip meeting with parents is crucial. This is a great time to discuss expectations, build excitement and address any concerns. Clear communication with parents ensures a supportive network for the entire journey.

7. Packing Checklist for Students

Provide students with a comprehensive packing checklist covering everything from personal items to performance attire and equipment. To alleviate last-minute stress, consider allowing students to drop off their performance essentials the day before departure.

8. Create a List of Must-Dos for Your Group

Share your top tips to ensure students make the most of their Disney adventure. Whether it's exploring performing arts offerings to connect with classroom curriculum, experiencing some of your favorite attractions like Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or even learning about United States history at The American Adventure at EPCOT, your students will appreciate some guidance on what to see and do during their visit – especially if it is their first trip to a Disney theme park!

9. Explore Educational Opportunities

Discover how Disney parks can become a learning laboratory for your students. Consider options such as adding a Disney Imagination Campus academic workshop and exploring other educational offerings in the parks.

Be sure to use these pre-trip planning tips as a valuable guide as you are planning your Disney field trip!

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