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Creative Classroom Projects Inspired by Disney

The Disney Imagination Campus team
by The Disney Imagination Campus team

As educators, it can be a challenge to design lesson plans that can both engage your students and prepare them for real-world challenges, while also meeting classroom core standards. Here’s an idea - try to harness the enchantment of Disney to inspire and fuel creativity within your classrooms. Read along to explore a collection of creative classroom projects inspired by Disney, designed to both engage students and cultivate a love for learning.

1. Animated Short Film Project

Channel the magic of Disney animation by challenging students to create their own short films. This project integrates storytelling, scriptwriting, and digital media skills. Students can use simple animation tools or even create stop-motion masterpieces.

2. Imagineering Design Challenge

Introduce students to the world of Disney Imagineering by assigning a theme park attraction design challenge. Ask them to conceptualize and create a ride or attraction using math and science principles. Students will learn skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

3. World Showcase

Your students can explore world history and cultural awareness by working together to design a new pavilion for the World Showcase at EPCOT. This idea requires students to research and use critical thinking skills to collaborate as a team. 

4. Character Book Reports

Put a Disney twist on traditional book reports. Ask students to choose a Disney character and analyze a book from that character's perspective. This project encourages critical thinking, literary analysis, and creative expression.

5. Disney-Inspired STEM Challenge

Combine science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by presenting students with challenges inspired by Disney scenarios. For example, task them with building a structure that can withstand a "storm" (inspired by Moana) or creating a device to rescue a toy from a simulated "dragon" (inspired by Sleeping Beauty). Students will foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

6. Geography with Disney

Explore the geographical settings of various Disney movies. Have students research and create maps depicting the fictional worlds of their favorite Disney stories. This project integrates geography with storytelling, encouraging students to think about the spatial aspects of the universe of the movie.

7. Environmental Conservation Campaign

Inspire a sense of environmental responsibility by connecting Disney narratives to real-world issues. Have students identify environmental themes in Disney movies and propose conservation projects or awareness campaigns. This idea encourages research, critical thinking, and a sense of social responsibility.

8. Virtual Disney Travelogue

Explore the cultural and geographical aspects of Disney movies by creating a virtual travelogue. Assign each student or group a different Disney film and have them research and present on the real-world locations that inspired the movie. This project integrates research, presentation skills, and global awareness.

9. Creative Restaurant Design

Have your students create restaurant and menu designs for a new dining location based on one of their favorite Disney movies. You could even invite chefs, architects and restauranteurs to your classroom to hear your students “pitch” their ideas. With this assignment, students will learn creativity and presentation skills for the real world.

10. Cultural Exploration through Disney

Use Disney movies as a gateway to exploring different cultures. Assign projects where students research and present on the cultural aspects depicted in Disney films. This not only promotes cultural awareness but also enhances research and presentation skills.

Try incorporating these lessons to your classroom curriculum this year!

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