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Fun Ways to Bring Parents Along on Your Disney Student Trip

The Disney Imagination Campus team
by The Disney Imagination Campus team

A Disney Imagination Campus trip is an exciting and enriching experience for students, but why not extend the magic to parents and the community? By involving parents and the community in your Disney Imagination Campus adventure, you can foster a sense of connection, engagement, and shared learning. Here are some fun and inclusive ways to bring them along on your experience:

1. Pre-Trip Information Sessions:

Host pre-trip information sessions for parents and community members to provide them with an overview of the Disney Imagination Campus workshops your students will be experiencing. Share details about the workshops, learning objectives, and the unique experiences students will have. This will help them understand the educational value of the trip and get them excited for their students to be a part of it.

2. Parent and Community Chaperones:

Invite parents and community members to serve as chaperones on the Disney Imagination Campus trip. This provides an opportunity for them to engage with students and contribute to their learning experience. Recruiting passionate chaperones will also make your role as a teacher and group leader more manageable as additional adults can assist in providing supervision and support.

3. Live Updates and Social Media Engagement:

Keep your parents and community engaged and connected throughout the trip by providing live updates and sharing highlights on social media platforms. Create a designated hashtag for the trip and encourage your group to share their experiences, photos, and insights. This not only allows parents to feel involved but also generates excitement and pride within the community.

Don’t forget to tag @DisneyImaginationCampus! We love to share photos of groups who attend our workshops!

4. Post-Trip Sharing Sessions:

Organize post-trip sharing sessions where students can showcase what they have learned and experienced at Disney Imagination Campus. Invite parents, community members, and other students to attend these sessions and encourage students to present their projects, share their insights, and discuss the impact of the trip on their personal and educational growth. This provides a platform for students to articulate their learnings while allowing parents and the community to celebrate their accomplishments.

5. Collaborative Projects and Exhibitions:

Encourage students to collaborate on projects inspired by their Disney Imagination Campus experience. These projects can involve elements of storytelling, design, or scientific exploration. Organize an exhibition or showcase where students can present their projects to parents, community members, and fellow students. This not only celebrates student creativity but also provides an opportunity for parents and the community to witness the tangible outcomes of the trip.

By involving parents in your Disney Imagination Campus adventure, you create a network of support and enthusiasm that extends beyond the trip itself. Test these ideas for engagement as you plan your next Disney Imagination Campus trip to foster a sense of connection, excitement, and shared learning among students and their families, making your trip an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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